Strategy Global Advisory was founded in 2016 by Michelle Di Fabio, global citizen passionate about creating social impact and advocate for impact investing. Our goal is to continue to be an ambassador, influencer and advocate for impact investing globally, grow awareness of this sector and work with the pension industry and strategic partners globally to build scale and mainstream impact investing.

Michelle shares a passion for responsible investing, social impact, strong governance and giving back to the community, having worked in the professional services and superannuation industry in Australia for over ten years. Following Michelle’s completion of impact investing at Oxford University, Michelle discovered the potential to drive scale for impact investing, an emerging industry with high growth potential leveraging her experience and networks in the global pension fund market, an important sector with a social purpose to maximise member’s retirement savings.

Through the lens of shared value, we believe that organisations can leverage their networks and value chain to build social purpose in their businesses and do good, whether through investment strategy, operations or stakeholder engagement. We have a global network and client base, partnering with organisations who share our values and passion for social impact, responsible investing and growing shared value to make a positive difference.

Our mission

Our mission is to create shared value and grow the responsible and impact investing market, working closely with the superannuation and pension industries, asset managers, education sector and intermediaries. 

We create strategic partnerships and strategies and collaborate with clients to achieve successful outcomes, create shared value and grow impact investing portfolios.

Learn more about how we can work together to create value for your business and our clients.


We are global in our approach and have access to a global network and client base. 

We are passionate about creating value and proudly work with organisations and individuals who share our core values. We are thought leaders and understand the financial services and impact landscape and believe in collaboration to achieve successful outcomes.

We are respected and award winning experts in our field, experienced, dynamic and nimble and work with organisations to problem solve, collaborate, tailor propositions and maximise value.

We have access to global networks and partnerships and have worked with CEOs, Boards and C-suite and across all levels of the business across financial services, superannuation, social impact, fin-tech, higher education and sport. We understand the dynamic of super funds having worked in-house and alongside business partners including asset managers, insurers, administrators, global think-tanks and intermediaries.

We have participated in various leadership programs bringing together senior leaders across the pension and higher education industries and have a wide reach of networks in these fields.

What we stand for

Our values, at the heart of our work are:

Social impact

At the core of our values is striving to create impact in our work and everything we do. We all have a responsibility to develop staff, process and products and services to make a difference and we believe all organisations can operate for social purpose and use their influence to create a positive and meaningful impact.


We are humble and authentic in our approach and true to word. We live by this every day. We work with our clients to meet their needs  and represent their best interests.


Being open and honest in our approach is a core part of the way we work. We believe in first class governance and agree on our working approach to ensure we understand client needs and desired outcomes. We believe in diversity and encourage diverse thinking and practices promoting equality.


We believe that collaboration is the key to growing the impact market, maximising resources, elevating creative thinking and achieving successful outcomes. We work alongside our clients to develop innovative and adaptable solutions to meet their needs.


We have global networks and as global citizens, we are thought leaders global in our approach taking best practice methodologies and experiences and applying them to our work.

Giving Back

We understand superannuation and regularly give back to the sector including these engagements:

  • Chair, Impact Investing in superannuation to create a better world, ASI and conference committee member
  • Moderator, Building effective partnerships in superannuation, Superannuation technology and innovation conference
  • Contributor, Women in Super ‘Super Gap’ symposium
  • Member and regular attendee of AIST and ASFA's events and AIST’s advice in superannuation symposium
  • Past member of Women in Super’s Mother’s Day Classic committee
  • Speaker and organiser, Young director’s initiative, Women on Boards (upcoming 2017)
  • Session chair, Ethics and Culture, Governance Symposium AIST (upcoming 2017) and governance symposium committee member